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About Singapore

Singapore -a cosmopolitan city and a master destination for lifelong learning complemented with world-class educational institutions. Student will embark on a pedagogical journey that combines the best of global knowledge with the wisdom of Asian insights.

Singapore offers a widest range of education where student can submerse himself, and embrace a learning environment which is both inspiring and conducive. It is truly a place where student can augment mind and life.

The point of consideration here in Singapore is the age factor. Indians students willing to study in Singapore usually apply to Junior colleges or pre-university. There is a belief that the admission process to universities in Singapore is eased if students complete their pre-university education in Singapore. The National Junior College (established in 1969) is the oldest Junior college in Singapore. However, now this trend is changing slowly and a greater number of Indian students are beginning to apply directly for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs at universities in Singapore.

For the application of admission in Singapore, international students have to provide documentary proof of having completed the age-based education level in order to get admission.

Entrance examinations will be conducted normally by the institutions for international students in the subjects of English, Maths, Science and their mother tongue language when they apply for admission.

Student has to appear for the GCE 'A' Level exams at the end of the Pre-University levels. The system of education has come under some amount of criticism because it is held to be very specialized and rigid and that there is not much emphasis placed on creative thinking. The Ministry of Education has recently come up with some changes in the curriculum which have created an increased focus on creative independent thinking and development of real-life skills. Therefore, students from Singapore continue to rank at the top in different competitive exams held at international levels in subjects like Mathematics and Science.

Graduate education in Singapore

Students can opt for 3 year diploma courses offered by the polytechnics in Singapore After completing pre-university, they can get enrolled for undergraduate programs at one of the universities or study at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). Students can also apply to the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). These institutions offer two year programs leading to a locally recognized "National ITE certificate".

Courses offered at the polytechnics are more industry oriented. Singaporean students at times apply to these institutions after completing 'O' levels and hence these become alternatives to junior colleges. There are 5 such Polytechnics in Singapore.

The third channel which students can choose is to apply to the universities in Singapore to pursue a variety of undergraduate, graduate, post graduate and doctoral programs. There are 4 Universities and more than 10 Private Tertiary Institutions which offer these degrees to students.

Singapore has also attracted a variety of International schools due to its multi-cultural community base. These are more than 20 in number.

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